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New Era of Online Crypto Casinos

I would say that I'm relatively new to Reddit and the one thing that surprised me is the number of people that still play on Bovada, Ignition, Betonline, MyBookie, etc. Don't get me wrong, great sites for sports betting and poker, but absolutely horrendous when it comes to slots and live casino games.
Hitting 1,000x on a slot on Bovada is like a once in a lifetime achievement and the live dealer provider is... awful.
Over the past month or so, I have seen this Reddit flooded with random users promoting a bunch of shitty no-name crypto casinos that have been around for like 3 days. So I figured it was my duty, as somebody who has no ownership interests in any of these online crypto casinos, to share my thoughts regarding the ones that I believe are trustworthy. All of which is based on first-hand experience and countless hours of research.
First off, for those who aren't familiar with crypto casinos, the one thing that you need to know, as an American, is that you'll need to access these sites via a VPN. Personally, I use ExpressVPN and connect to Canada (or various other regions depending on which slot provider is available). The nice thing about ExpressVPN is that you can download the app and play on your phone. All of the casinos listed below allow VPN usage. Apparently NordVPN is pretty good too, but I cannot vouch for them personally.
Second thing, KYC is not required. Honestly haven't looked into this too much, but I can tell you from first-hand experience that KYC is not required in order to register or withdraw funds. All you have to do is confirm your email address. Some people have said you get KYC'd if you try to withdraw more than $2k, but again, I can confirm that it's not true (specifically for the casinos listed below). Just make sure that you only deposit/withdraw via crypto and you'll be fine. If you think this is sketchy, then please, continue making your credit card deposits at Bovada to random shell companies based out of China.
Also, DO NOT USE COINBASE TO TRANSFER TO AND FROM THE CASINO. They banned me. It hurt. Don't make the same mistake. I recommend using BRD as an intermediary between Coinbase and the casino. Since being banned from Coinbase, I have been using to buy and sell crypto. Nothing but good things to say thus far.
Finally, I have wagered roughly $3.5MM in total across the sites below and have spent countless hours researching them, so I'd like to think that I somewhat know what I'm talking about. In no way am I an expert and in no way am I a high roller or a whale. Just a regular guy that enjoys gambling.
Now the common theme amongst the below casinos is that you have access to game providers such as Evolution (live games), Pragmatic, NetEnt, Thunderkick, Push, etc. that you'll never find on the casinos advertised as available to US players (such as Bovada). As I'm sure you know, Betsoft slots can get old after a while.
Just a few of my personal favorite games that I recommend you check out...
Live Games: Crazy Time, Monopoly, Evolution Blackjack and Evolution Speed Baccarat
Slots: Dead or Alive 2, Money Train 2, Lil' Devil, Sweet Bonanza and The Dog House

Site #1: (Best for casual gamblers)
What I like: Instant withdrawals, huge selection of slots and live games, generous rakeback system, instant bitcoin deposits (they will credit your account before receiving any confirmations-- this is really nice), every so often they'll run a 24 hour promotion where if you hit 100x on slot betting at least $1 you'll be "King Roo" (basically King of the Hill) and accumulate ~$20 per minute until you're dethroned
What I don't like: Rakeback system only allows you to collect every 24 hrs/1 week/1 month, no clarity surrounding VIP status (assuming you need to be a whale), there was one instance where I won $36k on a $40 bet playing Reactoonz and was told I can only withdraw $10k per day (this was 6 months ago and never had an issue withdrawing since), lack of sports betting
My largest withdrawal (at once): $9.9k
Deposit/Withdrawal Methods: BTC, ETH
Referral link to enable rakeback system without having to wager a shitload: (you can also use code "hkgambler13")

Site #2: (Best for medium-high rollers)
What I like: Instant withdrawals, huge selection of slots and live games, incredible VIP and rakeback system (weekly/monthly bonuses, rakeback can be claimed whenever, daily/monthly challenges to earn extra cash), active and friendly chat community, multiple crytpo deposit options where your account is credited in that currency (meaning your balance equivalent in USD will swing with the market-- could be seen as a con), enjoyable "Stake Original" games that have a higher RTP than 3rd party slots, averages ~2k users online at any given time
What I don't like: Can be overwhelming for first time players (Roobet is much more straight forward and easy to use)
My largest withdrawal: $13.2k
Deposit/Withdrawal Methods: BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH, XRP (highly recommend-- cheap transfer fee, if any at all, and confirmed within seconds), TRX, EOS
Referral link to instantly enable 10% rakeback:

Site #3: (Best for gamers)
What I like: Instant withdrawals, huge selection of slots and live games, newly implemented rakeback system, constant "rains" in the chat (which is free money if you join in time), ability to instantly deposit and withdraw via Rust and TF2 items (could spend an hour talking about this-- generally caters to those who cannot get crypto or have to use a CC to buy crypto), averages ~1.5k users online at any given time
What I don't like: Prior to the newly implemented rakeback system rains and level-up chests were the only "rakeback", your balance is denominated in coins (1500 coins = $1 USD), browsing through their slot selection can be a pain in the ass
My largest withdrawal (at once): $7.4k
Deposit/Withdrawal Methods: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC
Referral link to receive a free chest that could be worth up to ~$53: (you can also use code "chase")

Final parting words: PLEASE DO NOT GAMBLE WITH MONEY THAT YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE. Gambling is not a money making method and you will lose in the long run. The purpose of my post is to make those aware that other trustworthy online casinos are available for Americans that will (hopefully) make gambling online a bit more enjoyable!
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Improving upon Fallout Monopoly.. any ideas?

So recently I decided to dust off my Fallout Monopoly "collector's edition" and oh god did it disappoint me, seriously this game is just classic monopoly with some fallout properties slapped onto it.
So I've decided to make an improvement on the board, a sort of expansion if you will.
First off I want to change the currency, the whole currency system on Fallout Monopoly is caps ( big surprise) however we are still dealing with notes, see picture at bottom for reference. So I plan on buying some plain bottle caps from Amazon, spray painting them and place numbers on them to replace the note money, pretty simple
Next is the houses and hotels are known as shacks and vaults, however the pieces still look like houses and hotels so I would like to replace these with some custom game pieces, there is websites that 3d print game pieces however I'm not a 3d modeller so any other ideas would be appreciated.
Another very simple idea is to replace the jail space with paradise falls, a very simple idea which I'm surprised Hasbro didn't come up with..
I'm still looking for a replacement for free parking though if there is any ideas?
Next up is another pack of chance cards, currently we have ' I'm s.p.e.c.i.a.l replacing chance, and survival guide replacing community chest, I want to create a pack of 'trait cards' which will give you options to choose from or there will be a downside to every card, I plan on nabbing some of the ideas from this post
So the big idea of this is to extend the board too, New Vegas was completely disregarded from this board and I'd like to add it complete with a new train station, new utility, trait card space and plenty of new properties.
The extension will be a loop which you will travel to after the 'go to jail' space (see picture for reference)
Id like the three main strip casinos as one of the colour groups and I was thinking of having Hoover dam as the extra utility.
Any ideas on which locations should be included on this new board?
Also any ideas on ANY changes to the board will be most welcome.
My badly drawn idea page, also includes current currency, shack and vault
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PaddyPower - £1 Free Live Casino Bonus
What is it?
What do I need to do?
  1. Claim your bonus before 23.59 on 10.01.21 to claim your bonus.
  2. Your £1 bonus will be automatically added to your account.
  3. Launch any of the below eligible games.
Who can take part?
What games are eligible?
What else do I need to know?
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[S] King's Survivor Gallipoli: Saints Vs Sinners

After I tried to stop this series and start a new series (which failed), I am back in the driver's seat for King's Survivor's final phase, since it would probably have lasted longer if Adobe didn't cancel Flash (thanks for rushing my series, mate!). This season, I tried to do what u/swoldow did before and make a season called Saints Vs Sinners, where 10 people who embody the term "Saint" will face off against the people who embody the term "Sinner", but unfortunately, it seemed like a lot of the people who signed up misunderstood the definition of saints and sinners. For the love of god, someone who is slightly villainous is not a "sinner", and average people are not "saints". Oh well. I guess it's the best I'm gonna get. Here is the cast:
Kahramanca (Saints) Tribe:
Ardet Prifti, 31, Rhythm Guitarist, u/Twig7665
Ardet lived a difficult life. Born in Albania with a family that was associated with the mafia meant that Ardet was never safe, and one day, he came back home to find his whole family had been murdered by the Albanian mafia. He spent years on the street, struggling to survive, before he discovered his musical talent. He played a guitar (which he had to steal), which enabled him to earn money. After a few years of doing that, he moved to the United States, where he did his best to get into the largest music college in that country, and actually succeeded. He met some people that became his bandmates, and soon they were pretty popular in the underground scene. When their fame exploded, Ardet's bandmates grew either egotistical or paranoid, but Ardet saw fame as a way to spread awareness for mental illness. He has now become a strong supporter of mental health charities around the country, and he signed up for Survivor to raise money for one of the charities he supports.
Ava Chrisly, 23, Kindergarten Teacher, u/Gemini_B
Ava was born deaf. After her father died when she was 3, her birthmother struggled to care for her and her 3 siblings. Ava was especially tough since she needed special treatment and one night her birthmother left her on the doorstep of a rich widow with a note explaining how Ava got there. The Widow, not wanting to deal with a deaf child, left her outside where she spent a cold night alone and scared. She came across Marissa, a young girl who ran away from home. Marissa took pity on her and the two banded together.
They spent years together on the street with Ava learning to read lips and Marissa learning sign language. Marissa quickly saw that Ava had a gift with children and encouraged her to find a job with kids. Ava didn’t want Marissa to leave, but then Marissa surprised her by revealing she had a scholarship to a teachers college. Ava went off to the collage and became a kindergarten teacher, but when she returned she learned that Ava had gone to jail for stealing from a rich old woman and using the money to bribe a college administrator. Ava promised she’d help bail Marissa out, and learned about survivor. She’s hoping she can win the million to help free Marissa and get their lives on track.
Chelsea Rutherford, 22, Lifeguard, u/IAmWolfNinja
Chelsea was the heiress to the throne of a foreign country with a corrupt government. The wealth that came with such a status meant nothing to her, since she was utterly disgusted with the actions of her family. Knowing her resentment for their governmental policies, Chelsea's family gradually became verbally abusive towards her. Unable to take any more, she escaped as a teen to pursue her own path. When she arrived in America, Chelsea wanted to do everything she could to erase her dark past and the actions of her family, so she got a job as a lifeguard, where she has saved countless lives. She's occasionally recognized as an heiress, but when it's brought up, she tends to have nervous breakdowns.
Chester "Cap'n" Richardson, 67, Retired Naval Officer, u/swoldow
Some may see him as just the average old man, but Cap’n has seen and done things most people couldn't fathom. Cap’n joined the navy at a ripe young age about 5 years before the Cold War began, and learned everything from afar, slowly working up the ranks. When things got bad in Vietnam, he was given the chance to take charge of a ship during the war, and he immediately said yes. He ran the ship strictly, but he got both respect from everyone, as well as being genuinely liked as a person by his crew. He led them to many naval victories but unfortunately that didn't last, when his ship was shot with a torpedo, which blew the whole thing up and killed everyone on it, except for Cap’n. With the emotional baggage of watching people he has gotten to know kick the bucket, he immediately resigned from the navy after. As a result of the shipwreck, his mindset has changed, as he’s now super overprotective of his family, and still can't let the explosion go after years and years of retirement. He hopes Survivor can help him learn more about himself, and be the thing he needs to live the rest of his life in peace.
Cornelius Von Helton, 52, CEO, u/Gemini_B
Cornelius was raised by a family that had fallen from riches and was in tough times. He never expected to get to go to university but got lucky by getting a scholarship for his creative greeting cards. While at university, he enrolled in a business course and after collage started a greeting card business with some friends. All of his friends quickly gave up on the business, but Cornelius stuck through it. When he made a greeting card that was delivered to Eddie Murphy, the comedian was impressed and hired him to do his greeting cards to his friends, family, and invitations to parties. Quickly other celebrities started to hire his business and many fans wanted to get into the trend. His business rapidly expanded and he soon found himself with a company that covered parties, greeting cards, published books and even dabbled in a touch of Realestate. While in his thirties though, Cornelius was mugged while on a walk in the park and got stabbed. He was quickly rushed to the hospital and while there, he was nursed back to health by his soon to be wife. He claims that she saved his life and proceeded to date her after leaving the hospital. She was reluctant at first, but he quickly charmed her and the two have been married for 15 years now. He has two children, a son aged 10 and a daughter aged 8. He's continued to run his business, but leaves most of the work to his higher-ups as he wants to be able to spend as much time with his family and employees as possible. He views his employees as his family and does his best to remember all their names and make the workspace as nice for them as possible. He's come to survivor because his wife loves the show and wanted to compete, but due to growing health issues can't. She's trained him to win, and he wants to do this and win for her.
Dana Vasquez, 43, Stay At Home Mom, (filler character)
Greg Zimmer, 40, High School Teacher, u/AngolanDesert
Greg is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He is very trusting and kind and will do anything for the people he loves. Since he grew up in Texas, hard work has always been his priority. He knows that if he wants to win this game, he has to work hard at everything he does. Greg decided to be a high school teacher so he could teach his students the importance of hard work. He has been a fan of survivor for a while, so when he saw that applications for survivor were going out, he knew he had to join in. Hopefully, he won’t disappoint his students.
Gwendolyn "Gwen" Wallerby, 52, Baker, u/ghetra
Gwen works at a bakery where she gets to do what she loves every day: make many different kinds of pies. She is a very warm, loving person and has a reputation for helping out whoever needs it, usually by baking for them. Baking takes a lot of patience and strength, and she is stronger than she looks. She naturally has a very loud voice that sometimes irks people, but once they get to know her it quickly becomes endearing. Now that her children are out of the house, she has started reading much more and taking classes on different subjects that interest her. The world is her oyster.
Kirk Smolarek, 62, History Teacher, u/Twig7665
Kirk never had a normal childhood. His mom walked out on his family not long after he was born, and his father was a former Polish soldier with PTSD and a severe drug addiction, leading to Kirk experiencing abuse from him for as long as Kirk can remember. Wanting to escape his miserable life, he smuggled himself on a boat bound for Australia when he was 16. Lo and behold, the ship got caught in a windstorm and ended up sinking, and Kirk and a few other survivors ended up stranded on an island. After spending more than a month there, he was taken back to his homeland after being found there. He ended up being the only survivor of the whole ordeal. He was returned to his deranged father, where the next time his father tried to abuse him, he fought back, causing his father to end up in the hospital. Deemed not guilty because he defended himself, Kirk did not spend time in prison for this. His father on the other hand did spend time there for drug-related charges and child abuse, but was killed by another inmate before he could be released. Kirk then went to college, where he studied history there, and decided to become a history teacher. He then kept that job title for over 40 years now, and despite being in his 60s, he is still an enjoyable presence for his students, as he incorporates unusual teaching methods to make his students interested in what he's teaching. Despite being financially stable, he wants to win the money so he can be well off when he retires in a few years.
Maralyn Sander, 32, Tour Guide, u/Void_Drone
Maralyn gives tours of New York, driving around in her bus, answering questions, watching broadway shows. And she spends most of her money on her family, except for the money she spent on her pink pearl necklace. She enjoys the tours for the most part, but when she's alone she vents about how annoying the tours can be.
Kotu Adam (Sinners) Tribe:
Alexa Station, 20, YouTuber, u/IAmWolfNinja
A 3AM YouTuber who arrived late to the trend, Alexa has a tendency to flex her belongings when no one really cares. She was recently involved in a scandal where she faked her boyfriend's death, causing endless amounts of controversy, and a near arrest. Her sub count is dropping significantly every day, so she joined to help gain her popularity (relevancy) back.
Carter Witworth, 23, College Student, u/JTsidol
Witworth, he was born to a extremely rich family, but his parents didn’t have time for him, but spoiled him rotten, when he got into school, he was known for being a bully, however no one confronted him, and everytime he’d get in trouble or fail a test, his parents would pay his way out, last year, he got a slap in the face, when his parents yet again had to bribe the college board to accept him, they cut off his allowance, he’s playing just for the money, nothing else.
Irvin Eamers, 32, Olympic Sprinter, u/asiansurvivorfan
A born athlete, Irvin loved competing in all sports but wasn’t known to play fair as he was never a team player and would often torment others to win. He started training for the Olympics at the age of 17 and eventually got the opportunity to compete in multiple Olympics where he took home many gold medals. However, they were striped from him when he was caught doping and using steroids to give him an edge in races. After the controversy, Irvin’s current wife left him and he was banned from competing in any future competitions. He came on Survivor for one reason and that is that is the money as he’s currently being sued by the Olympic committee.
Jessica Abrefa, 25, Poker Player, u/Twig7665
Jessica wasn't the most well off growing up, she lived in Alabama, where racism was rampant. As such, she was bullied for her race, until one day, she decided that they will all be wrong about her not being able to do anything because of her skin colour. She publicly humiliated the whole football team at her high school, and that stunt got her expelled in her senior year. She didn't care, and then she decided to run away to Las Vegas, which she did. While there, she started modeling, but found it boring. She then picked up the hobby of gambling, and played her first poker match when she was 21. She proved herself to be a formidable foe by beating one of the top poker players at the time, a dude named Brett Herman. Impressed by her skills, he tried to form a bond with her, but she turned him down due to him being a very paranoid man. Now, Jessica dates and cheats on men almost daily, and is considered one of the top female poker players, despite only playing for a few years. An avid Survivor fan, she wants to be as flirty and manipulative as she is in her real life. The only problem would be meeting another poker player, but she finds it unlikely that she will.
Joey "Wildcard" Caruso, 24, Poker Player, u/wordonthestreet2
Joey did not grow up with the best moral compass as his father notoriously had ties to the mafia. He used the money his father made through illegitimate businesses to gamble throughout his teenage years. When his father learned about his poker abilities and how easy it was for him to manipulate his opponents they began using his poker career as a way to launder mafia money through various casinos. He is known for his excellent poker face and unpredictable style of play which earned him the nickname Wildcard.
Maize Nguyen, 28, Heiress, u/Vicctoryy
From the outside looking in, the Nguyen Family Dynasty of San Francisco looks like a well supported and strong business, but from the inside, things are crumbling apart. The matriarch and patriarch are always at each other's necks over the company, leaving their children to clean up their messes. Maize, being the oldest, has taken it upon herself to lead the company, and she leads with an iron will and even harder iron fist. While she seems like a worthy replacement for her faulty parents, she has never been afraid to leave with force. Anyone at the receiving end of a verbal lashing from Maize is likely to not return to work the next day, or ever again. She is arrogant, rude, demeaning, and yet she gets things done. Saving the company from absolute bankruptcy caused a lot of backlash, but Maize couldn't care less. Success should be accomplished by stepping on the necks of those who aren't ready for the power, and Maize has done that exact thing. Any person in Maize's way has been an obstacle she has to conquer, and with a flip of her finger, that obstacle is no longer a problem. She has never been afraid to crack a few eggs to make an omelette, and unfortunately, those eggs have just been working class people struggling to make minimum wage and put dinner on their table. Too bad for them according to Maize. Maize has come to Survivor to prove that the Nguyen Dynasty is far from over, and their business monopoly will run on for years with Maize at the front of it. She is the iceberg, everyone else is a ship with no idea of what's in their way. Those too bold to step in her way are trampled, quite literally. Maize has no problem with controversy, controversy brings attention, attention brings money, and money brings power.
Molly-Anne Benson, 26, Marketing Assistant, u/ghetra
Molly-Anne is a social butterfly. She loves chatting with people about pretty much anything and loves meeting and getting to know new people. She has a natural charm about her that draws people in, but sometimes people are bothered by how chatty she is. She also loves to gossip and is not above spreading rumors. However, she is rather sensitive and can be set off by just about anything. She frequently will push people's buttons if they offend her and will hold a grudge until the end of time.
Nikki Lopez, 29, Stripper, u/Void_Drone
Randall Martin, 49, Real Estate Agent, u/TDSwaggyBoy
Being a self proclaimed sleazeball, which is a very weird thing to be proud of, Randall's life was never too good. He didn't grow up with a lot of close friends. Sure, people liked him at first, but when they really got to know him they didn't appreciate him nor his antics very much. Randall had to make a name for himself. He quickly found a career in the world of real estate. Not even his co-workers enjoyed his company, but they appreciated his skills. Being a fast and smooth talker really pays off in his industry. And now, Randall wants to put his skills to use in SURVIVOR. How well will that pan out?
Vito Luco, 49, Used Car Salesman, u/swoldow
Vito is the last person you'd want to trust with anything. A true con-artist at heart, he now has a job selling used cars, but his past jobs would make you run away from him in fear. When he was younger, he was a part of a major drug-trafficking operation run by the mafia, and he later got a job selling illegal fireworks, both of which got him to do jail time for a decade. Newly released, he seems to be back to his old ways, as he scams people out of their money daily with his faulty cars. He was born constantly overshadowed by his perfect younger brother, who is a popular politician, while he just swindles from people. As a result, he hates people who play loyally, and wants to prove that evil is the best way to play. He isn't afraid to play hard, as that's what he did all his life, and he'll either win, or go out swinging.
Link to Season
Episode 1: The 20 new contestants are welcomed into Turkey, where their first task is to compete in a challenge for reward. The Sinners tribe win this reward due to having more young and fit members than the Saints tribe. As a result, the Saints are already demoralized as they arrive at camp. Cap'n starts to feel good vibes from Ardet and Maralyn, and takes them under his wing to form an alliance. Ava, on the other hand, reveals that she is deaf to Chelsea and Gwen, and the three form another alliance due to being close to one another already. Cap'n sees this and scrambles to find an idol, and does so. Over at the Sinners tribe, Witworth and Jessica see their opportunity to look for an idol, and they find it, giving them more security, while back at camp, Maize and Nikki get into a fight over thinking that the other has an idol, which neither of them do. Vito becomes the moderator of this fight, saying that the three of them plus Irvin and Molly need to stick together in the long run. Randall sees this alliance form and tries to get Alexa, Jessica, Witworth, and Wildcard on board, which they all agree to at first, but then Wildcard sees this as his opportunity to cause conflict within his tribe, so he becomes content with being a swing vote. The Sinners win immunity, and on the Saints tribe it quickly becomes a race to see who can scrape up the swing votes the fastest between Cap'n's alliance and Ava's alliance. Dana becomes the target for Ava's alliance because of her weakness in challenges and her blind loyalty, while Greg is targeted by Ardet and Cap'n due to his shiftiness. They are able to get Kirk and Dana on board to blindside Greg, and they try to talk to Gwen, but she does not flip. Instead, at tribal council, we end up with a 5-5 split, followed by a 4-4 vote split due to no one flipping. Then a rock draw occurs on the first vote of the season. Ardet becomes the victim of the rocks, sending him out of the game despite never receiving a single vote.
Episode 2: After an explosive first vote, Cap'n tries to figure out who flipped on the six and sent Ardet home. No one tells him who did it, so he assumes it was Ardet. Ava tries to flip Maralyn from Cap'n's alliance, but is unsuccessful at doing so. At the Sinners camp, Jessica and Witworth, despite being closely aligned, argue over who gets to keep the idol, and Witworth ends up keeping it in the end. The Saints pull out a surprise victory over the fractured Sinners, and back at camp, Wildcard decides to snake the alliance he was pretending to work with, and joins Vito's alliance. Their first target is none other than Alexa, who saw this game as nothing other than a tool to get more relevancy back, and it particularly irked Vito, who wanted to play against people who played hard. So together, with his alliance and Wildcard, they vote for Alexa. Meanwhile, the four person alliance realizes that Wildcard snaked them, so they vote for him, and Alexa becomes the second person voted off in a 6-4 vote.
Episode 3: After Alexa's vote off, Irvin tries to bond with Vito, wanting to be his right hand man, and they become closer due to both being sleazy people. Wildcard begins to feel like he's in control, and it starts to annoy people on his tribe. At the Saints camp, Cap'n starts to rub people the wrong way because of his cockiness due to having an idol, but no one catches on to him having an idol, which is good news for him, because he plans on holding onto the idol until the merge. The Sinners win immunity for the third time, and they grow cocky because of this. Cap'n and Kirk, being the two oldest men on the tribe, join forces with Dana and Maralyn to take out their biggest threat in the opposing alliance, Greg. However, the other side has majority, and they decide that Dana has been blindly loyal to the other three, and hasn't been pulling her weight in challenges, so she becomes the third person voted out in a 5-4 vote.
Episode 4: After a somewhat boring vote, Greg starts to get paranoid, since he's already gotten 9 votes and it's only episode 4. He then tries to get the minority alliance to pin their votes onto Gwen, but Gwen gets angry at him for doing so, and they have an argument. At Sinners camp, Jessica tries to talk to Irvin, trying to get his alliance to help hers take out Wildcard, and Irvin tells Vito about the plan, and Vito starts to see Wildcard as not being of use anymore. After losing the reward challenge, the Saints come back harder and beat the Sinners at the next challenge. Wildcard lets Vito know that he is going to vote Maize, since he wants to make a big move early on. This becomes the final nail in Wildcard's coffin, as Vito was quite close to Maize. At tribal council, Wildcard becomes the first unanimous boot of the season, going out in a 8-1 vote.
Episode 5: Vito starts to think that Irvin has been playing way too loyally, and he gets into a discussion with him that slowly devolves into a full-blown fight between them, but Vito, realizing that Irvin would make a bad enemy, tries to make it up to him, and it works. The Sinners win both reward and immunity, and they feel elated about it. Cornelius goes to Cap'n and proposes an alliance to him, allowing them to control things from behind the scenes with Maralyn. He also reveals that he has grown a disdain for Greg, and that they need to flip the numbers on him. They get Gwen and Kirk on board, or so they think, but Gwen blabs to Greg and their alliance, leading to Kirk to flip as well. They decide to vote Cornelius out due to him being the biggest gamer on the tribe, and he goes in a 5-3 vote.
Episode 6: The tribes pack up their things, anticipating a swap, but then the host announces that they will be competing for individual immunity on their tribe, and whoever wins will be safe from the double tribal council taking place that night. Maralyn wins for the Saints, and Vito wins for the Sinners. The Sinners also win reward, earning food to enjoy while they watch the other tribe go to tribal council. Witworth, Jessica, and Randall decide it was now or never to get rid of Maize, who had a fight with Randall earlier that day, but Vito, hearing about this, decides that Randall is the biggest sleaze on his tribe, and he needed to go as soon as possible. In his voting confessional, he states there can be only one sleazy guy on the tribe, and that was himself, so Randall had to go, and Randall becomes the sixth person voted out in a 5-3 vote, and he is bitter as all hell about it. At the Saints tribe, Cap'n becomes angry over the fact he cannot vote in the majority, and it makes the majority annoyed with him, so they decide to vote him off. Luckily for Cap'n, he still has an idol, so he and Maralyn vote for the most threatening player in their minds, Chelsea, and Cap'n plays his idol, sending Chelsea out of the game in a 2-0 vote.
Episode 7: After Chelsea's idol out, Cap'n officially became public enemy number one on his tribe, and he tries to find his rehidden idol, but Kirk finds it instead. Maralyn and Greg have a fight due to the food on their tribe running low, and morale being even lower. At the Sinners tribe, Nikki begins to be seen as an easy goat due to her one-sided loyalty to Vito. Morale at the Saints tribe dips even lower when they lose both reward and immunity. Not wanting to lose again,the majority decide to vote off their oldest member, Cap'n, as a last ditch attempt to prevent them from going on a losing streak. Cap'n and Maralyn vote for Greg, and Cap'n becomes the eighth person voted out in a 5-3 vote, missing out on the jury by one placement.
Episode 8: After Cap'n's vote out, there are only five members on the Saints tribe, compared to the Sinners having seven. The Sinners increase their winning streak by two by winning both reward and immunity. At the Sinners camp, Jessica and Witworth have another fight over the idol, with Jessica insisting that she keep it. This causes the rest of the tribe to be alerted to the fact that Jessica and Witworth have an idol, and Witworth becomes a target because of this. At the Saints tribe, the women form a tight three, and Kirk and Greg are forced to band together to survive. At tribal council, the three women stay strong, and Greg is voted out 3-2 and becomes the first member of the jury, leaving only four Saints left in the game.
Episode 9: With his back up against the wall, Kirk knows that he's probably gone next if he didn't have the idol, which ensured his survival until merge. The Saints finally win a challenge, a reward challenge, but lose immunity once again to the inflated egos of the Sinners. Not much else happens this episode, but Kirk tries to get Maralyn to flip and vote out Ava, but she disagrees to do so, and she votes for Gwen instead, making Kirk not trust her, and he decides to vote for her, while also playing his idol. This causes a 1-1-0 tie between Gwen and Maralyn, and Ava, misunderstanding what would happen if she forced a tie, votes for Gwen while Kirk votes for Maralyn, and Ava becomes the second person in King's Survivor history to be eliminated by default, due to there being no other options, and she becomes the second member of the jury
Episode 10: At long last, the tribes merge into the purple Ucurum tribe, meaning balance in Turkish. Left in the game is Witworth, Gwen, Irvin, Jessica, Kirk, Maize, Maralyn, Molly, Nikki, and Vito. At first, it seems like it would be Saint Vs Sinner, but Jessica and Witworth come to the three Saints left in the game, and they convince them to vote with them come tribal council. Vito wins his second immunity challenge of the season, and his target was Witworth for being the strongest male not in his alliance, and also for lying about not having an idol, which he believed was given to Jessica. At tribal council, the lines cause a 5-5 divide between Irvin and Witworth, and on the revote, Maralyn randomly decides to flip to avoid a tie, and Carter Witworth becomes the third member of the jury, and also another person to go out with an idol in their pocket. He is understandably pretty pissed about this ordeal, but wishes his tribe well.
Episode 11: The day after Witworth's blindside, the nine remaining contestants compete in a reward challenge, which the team containing Irvin, Maralyn, and Vito win. At the reward, Irvin and Vito realize how dangerous Maralyn could be after she starts trying to talk game with them. Soon afterwards, Maralyn finds the idol, and Jessica calls out Molly for following Vito almost blindly. Nikki wins the second post merge immunity challenge, and Vito tries to recruit Jessica for the vote, which succeeds. They then choose to target Maralyn, since she was the most threatening out of the three Saints, and the six remaining Sinners pin votes onto her. Unfortunately for them, Maralyn pulls out an idol, and the Saints vote for Irvin, a potential immunity threat, making him the fourth member of the jury in a 3-0 vote.
Episode 12: After Irvin's blindside, only two men are still in the game, compared to the six women. Nikki is able to find an idol, after thinking that she hasn't been playing hard enough, while Molly gets into a fight with Maralyn over the latter pulling out an idol, which she hadn't wanted her to do. Molly wins immunity, and it becomes a battle of the Saints Vs the Sinners, just like the theme of the season. The Saints go after Maize, wanting to weaken Vito further before going after him, but they are unable to swing anyone over and Vito, fueled by vengeance, gets his alliance to vote for Maralyn. In a 5-3 vote, Maralyn becomes the fifth member of the jury. Back at camp, the final seven become annoyed at Nikki's arrogance after being safe from being voted out, so she becomes a target for the two remaining Saints left. Kirk also becomes a target for being a perceived leader for Gwen, causing him to be target numero uno. After Kirk wins immunity, the target shifts from him to Gwen, due to her being perceived as not wanting to play the game, and rather would be along for the ride, which Vito found unpalatable. Kirk and Gwen then try to vote out Molly for her strength in challenges, and in the end, Gwen gets the boot in a 5-2 vote, making her the sixth juror.
Episode 13: With only six people left in the game, the final reward challenge takes place. Maize wins it, and she shares it with Vito, her closest ally, and Jessica, who her and Vito wanted to bring closer. Soon, they realize what a threat she could be, especially because she's a poker player, she becomes the biggest target instead of Kirk. Luckily for her, she wins immunity. Kirk tries to bond with Maize as a way to get Vito to not vote him out, but it backfires, and he becomes the biggest target yet again. At tribal council, he votes for Molly, but everyone else votes for him, making him the seventh juror in a 5-1 vote and completely eliminating the Saints from the game.
Finale: Jessica, Maize, Molly, Nikki, and Vito remain. Five players who had remarkably different playing styles, but all came from the same tribe. They compete in the second-to-last immunity challenge, which Maize wins, and the biggest target becomes Jessica again, who has proven herself to be the only player not following Vito, and only voting with him just to get further in the game. Vito does not feel the same way about keeping Jessica around, so he and his alliance with Nikki, Molly, and Maize vote for her, and Nikki plays her idol in case someone flipped on her, and Jessica becomes the eighth juror in a 4-0 vote. Back at camp, Vito feels incredibly cocky, and he tries to influence a fight, and he does so between Nikki and Maize. He then goes on to win final immunity, and Nikki tanks her own game with her fight with Maize, and everyone votes her out, causing her to become the ninth juror in a 3-1 vote. The final three consists of Maize, Molly, and Vito. Molly gets criticism for her lack of strategy, only using her social game to get far, and her challenge capabilities. Maize is seen as following too closely to Vito, but the jury is willing to vote for her if Vito tanks his jury speech. He does not, and explains his game in great detail, saying he started out forming a five person alliance on the first night, he commenced the Wildcard blindside, the Witworth blindside, the Jessica blindside, etc. He did it all, but the bonds he formed in the game were genuine, and he didn't intend his villainous backstabbing to be taken personal. In the end, he gets all the jury votes, even from two people he never met, Greg and Ava. Maralyn wins the Fan Favorite for standing up to Vito and her idol play.
Winner: Vito Luco, u/swoldow
Fan Favorite: Maralyn Sander, u/Void_Drone
Potential Returnees (yeah, I haven't done this in a while): Vito, Jessica, Kirk, Maralyn, WItworth, Ava, Cap'n, maybe Ardet, if I do a first boot season
Next season, will be the final season before season 35, I won't spoil the theme for 35, but trust me, it won't be a season to miss. Season 34 however, with the release of the new Island Of The Idols sim, it will feature two King's Survivor Idols, who will be revealed with the sign ups. Next season will be King's Survivor Venezuela: Island Of The Idols!
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True Flip Casino 30 No Deposit Free Spins Bonus Code

True Flip Casino 30 No Deposit Free Spins Bonus Code

True Flip Casino Review & Free Bonuses
Every new players to True Flip Casino receive exclusive bonuses! Enjoy 150 free spins and 1,000 EUR (or 1 Bitcoin) free money! Plus, there's 30 no deposit free spins after registration. Click on the promo link and get bonus codes for the offers.
>> Register Here and Get No Deposit Free Spins <<

Welcome Bonuses

The True Flip Casino is centred around a mythical place known as the World of Flip, and the idea is that the inhabitants of this world will give you lots of prizes and perks throughout your stay in this virtual world.
The first of these offers is the Welcome Bonus, which also happens to be the largest bonus offered by the site. When you join for the first time and make a qualifying deposit, you can collect a 150% bonus of up to 40 mBTC. You will also be given 50 Free Spins.
If you’re playing with traditional currencies, this equates to a maximum of €300, and you need at deposit at least €20 to qualify.
The playthrough rate is fixed at 35x and this must be cleared in 10 days before it can be withdrawn. If that period passes, the bonus expires and you lose your chance to collect.
All real money slots count for 100% of the wagering requirement. Table Games are 5%, while Video Poker and Live Casino titles don’t count at all.
Once you clear this first deposit bonus, you can collect another one, known as the Second Wind. It works in a similar way but is matched to just 50% for a much larger maximum of 0.5 BTC. Deposit 1 BTC and you’ll get 1.5 BTC to play with—a very generous offer indeed.
The Lucky Three bonus serves as your third matched deposit offer and gives you a maximum of 0.5 BTC. All in all, you can collect more than 1 BTC in bonus credits or, if you’re playing in fiat currencies, the maximum is €1,000.
>> Register Here and Get No Deposit Free Spins <<

Other Bonuses

In addition to the Welcome Bonus, all True Flip Casino players can participate in unique games, tournaments, and more, while also collecting loyalty prizes. There are regular Free Spin Bonuses, Reload Bonuses, and more, but these change all of the time, so be sure to check on the Promotions page regularly.
The tournaments are one of our personal favourite additions to this website. It invites players to join real money slot tournaments whereby every spin awards points and boosts the player up the leaderboard.
We’ve always had a soft spot for these events as you don’t need to pay to enter and you lose absolutely nothing by taking part. If you were planning a slot session anyway, just join the tournament and in addition to those real money earnings, you may collect some prizes.
Of course, hundreds and even thousands of other players have the same mentality, so you won’t be alone and winning won’t be easy, but True Flip Casino doesn’t operate with the sort of huge player numbers found elsewhere, so you have a greater chance of walking away with a prize.
>> Register Here and Get No Deposit Free Spins <<

True Flip Token

True Flip Casino is unique as a Bitcoin-friendly casino as it has its very own cryptocurrency, known as True Flip Coins. You can buy these through links placed on the site, links that will direct you to a leading currency exchange.
These coins were sold following an Initial Coin Offering back in the summer of 2017. The tokens were available for 0.0005 BTC each at the time. That would equate to around $5, and at the time of writing, True Flip Tokens are trading for a tenth of this amount. At the time of the ICO, Bitcoins were roughly a third of what they are now, which means these coins were available for a far more respectable price.
3,000 participants are said to have purchased a total of 6.2 million coins, with the rest of the initial offering being destroyed to instantly increase the value of the remaining coins.
If you’re really into cryptocurrency investment and enjoy playing at True Flip Casino, we recommend looking into these coins. However, we’re not here to make investment advice or to speculate, so we can’t advise one way or the other.
>> Register Here and Get No Deposit Free Spins <<

Software and Games

NetEnt, Quickspin, Betsoft, and Pragmatic Play all provide quality 3D real money slots for True Flip Casino, and these are just a few of the many developers you’ll find here. Play games like Punk Rocker, Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, Bells on Fire, Sticky Bandits, and more. In addition, it has games from the Quickfire platform, which is powered by Microgaming and includes titles like the hugely popular, record-breaking Mega Moolah.
As for the table games, these include multiple varieties of Roulette, Poker, and Blackjack, including Bonus Roulette, European Roulette, Magic Poker, Jacks or Better, and Pontoon.
Thanks to the inclusion of Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play Live, the True Flip Casino Live Casino is vast and diverse, from the sparkly and energetic Lightning series to gameshow classics based on Deal or No Deal, Monopoly, and Wheel of Fortune. It’s immersion at its very best, with high-tech streams, state of the art studios, and a team of friendly and attractive dealers.
There is a little something for everyone and all games are supported by mobile. Use the filters in the True Flip Casino games room to explore all of the following types of games:
  • Slots: A varied selection of bonus slots and video slots from some of the biggest names in the business.
  • Blackjack: Try your hand at Pontoon, Classic Blackjack, and over a dozen other takes on this great game.
  • Roulette: Includes French and American Roulette.
  • Cards: Poker, Baccarat, and other popular card games.
  • Dice: Includes both Craps and Sic Bo, as well as unique variants like Lightning Dice.
  • Popular: A selection of the most popular games right now.


  • Solid Customer Support
  • Good User Reviews
  • Live Chat Facility
  • Big Welcome Bonus
  • Great Design
>> Register Here and Get No Deposit Free Spins <<

Payment Options

True Flip Casino blends cryptocurrency payment options and traditional payment options in a way that is sure to please everyone. Not only can you choose from popular services like MuchBetter and ecoPayz, as well as digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple, but you can collect big bonuses and take part in tournaments regardless of your chosen method.
All withdrawals are advertised as “instant” and in our experience, they actually are! That may sound like a redundant statement, but “instant” and “fast” are pretty broad terms in the online gambling industry. It’s like “premium” in the food industry—something you’ll see on everything from the finest steaks to the cheapest frozen meals.
In many instances, you could swap “fast payments” for “you’ll definitely get your winnings this year”, but with True Flip Casino, it genuinely is quick. We tried traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies and on both occasions, our winnings were available within an hour.
If you have an issue with your chosen payment method, just hit the Live Chat icon and speak with one of the company’s very knowledgeable and helpful customer support reps. This service is available to members and non-members. If preferred, you can add the company on WhatsApp (+447441951376) or send an email ([email protected]).

Everything Else

It’s important for online casinos to adopt strict responsible gambling procedures, and True Flip Casino does just that. It gives players multiple options to restrict their accounts, safeguard their finances, and get their gambling under control.
Some of the tools offered to problem gamblers include:
  • Registration Limit: Prevent yourself from ever becoming a True Flip Casino member.
  • Deposit Limit: Tell the casino how much you want to spend each month and set limits to ensure you can never go above these amounts.
  • Loss Limits: Instead of limiting your deposits, a Loss Limit will restrict your losses, which means you won’t be forced to stop in your tracks if you are on a winning streak.
  • Session Limit: Do you find that you take more risks and bet more money when playing for long periods of time? Limit yourself to specific timeframes to prevent this.
  • Wagering Limit: Restrict how much you can wager per game.
  • Time Alert: An alert that activate at pre-determined intervals and remind you how long you have been playing. An ideal tool if you find that time flies when you’re gambling.
  • Game Limit: Are you a dab hand at Poker but always lose money when playing real money slots? Use this tool to prevent you from playing slot games.
  • Self-Exclusion: When you’re ready to call it a day, use this feature. It will prevent you from gaining access to the site for a fixed period of time.
>> Register Here and Get No Deposit Free Spins <<

True Flip Casino Reviews

Online casinos attract a lot of hatred, perhaps more so than any other industry. If you’re been involved with this industry for a long time and have played multiple casinos in that time, there’s a good chance you will have had numerous negative experiences. But how many of these are actually the fault of the casino?
Players leave bad reviews when they are required to submit verification information. They leave bad reviews when their country is restricted, they can’t gamble with credit cards, and when they don’t win. These are not the fault of the casino, but that doesn’t stop the deluge of bad reviews.
It’s one of the few industries where you can do nothing wrong, go out of your way to please people, and still attract a horde of bad reviews.
It’s a surprise, therefore, when sites like True Flip Casino have predominantly good reviews. In fact, we struggled to find any genuine unresolved complaints or scathing reviews, and that’s always a very good sign.
After all, this online casino has been active since 2017, which is more than enough time to attract a few angry, frustrated, and/or unreasonable players.
True Flip Casino reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Furthermore, the casino makes an effort to respond to all reviews, whether they are offering high praise or pointing out a few minor issues.
As mentioned in our many other guides to Bitcoin casinos, this is a very positive practice. It is proof that the casino is dedicated to pleasing its players at all costs. Many casinos don’t do this, and many of the ones that do tend to go about it all wrong.
In our casino review, for instance, we noted how the casino responds to fewer than 1 in 5 bad reviews and tends to be somewhat combative in these responses.
If you want to know how good a casino’s customer care is before you join, take a look at its reviews. Does the company respond and, if so, does it respond directly to the consumer and focus on their needs, or does it write in a way that speaks only to potential customers reading the comments?


True Flip Casino is a very attractive online casino that tries to be different and succeeds. It offers some big bonuses and even has its very own cryptocurrency. Participate in numerous slot tournaments, keep your eye on the value of True Flip Coins and Bitcoins, and play your favourite games safe in the knowledge that your account is secure and your wagers are fair.
Join True Flip Casino today to collect your share of the 1 BTC Welcome Bonus and explore this innovative and super-stylish online casino.
>> Register Here and Get No Deposit Free Spins <<
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Spin Casino - free spin no deposit bonus (Multi Win Wheel)

Spin Casino - free spin no deposit bonus (Multi Win Wheel)

Spin Casino Free Play and Bonus Wheel
Get one no deposit free spin on Multi Win Wheel at Spin Casino! Here you can win up to 100 extra free spins on Microgaming slots and a $1000 free money bonus on all games, including jackpots and live dealer. Are you ready to spin and win with us?
>> Grab Your Free Chances and Bonuses <<

Claim a 100% deposit bonus up to €400,-

At Spin Casino you will also be welcomed with a generous deposit bonus. Every new player can claim a 100% deposit bonus up to €400,-. You can trigger this bonus by making a minimum deposit of €10,-. This means Spin Casino will double every deposit you make between €10,- and €400,-. When you for example make a €150,- deposit, you will receive a €150,- bonus. In this case, you can start playing with a €300,- total balance. On top of this, you will receive the money you have collected during your 50 free spins.
Bonus funds at Spin Casino are subject to a 50 times wagering requirement. This wagering requirement is only for the bonus, and not for the deposit. When you for example make a €100,- deposit, you will get a €100,- bonus. In this case, you will need to wager 50 x €100,- = €5.000,-. All bonus money you win during your free spins will also be subject to a 50 times rollover requirement. In the bonus terms and conditions on the promotions page, you will find all the important terms and conditions. Below we have summed up to most important ones.

Significant bonus terms and conditions

  • New customers only;
  • 18 years and older;
  • Minimum deposit amount to trigger bonus is €10,-;
  • Maximum bonus is €300,-;
  • All deposit bonuses have an x50 wagering requirement;
  • Only available first 7 days after opening account;
>> Grab Your Free Chances and Bonuses <<

Reload your account with two €300 match-up bonuses

In addition to a generous €400,- welcome offer Spin Casino offers you the chance to reload your account with a bonus twice. During both your second and third deposit you can claim a 100% deposit bonus up to €300,-. This offers you the chance to grab another €600,- in bonuses. All in all this means you can claim up to €1.000,- in bonuses at Spin Casino.
Please note the welcome offers at Spin Casino are only valid during the first 7 days counting from the day you have opened your account. The reload bonuses are available for all new customers who make a deposit of €10,- or more. The reload offers are also subject to a 50 times wagering requirement. Have a look at the bonus terms and conditions for more information.

Significant bonus terms and conditions

  • New customers only;
  • 18 years and older;
  • Minimum deposit amount to trigger bonus is €10,-;
  • Maximum bonus per deposit is €300,-;
  • All reload bonuses have an x50 wagering requirement;
  • Only available first 7 days after opening account;
>> Grab Your Free Chances and Bonuses <<

Game portfolio Spin Casino

At Spin Casino you will find a wide range of casino slots. All in all the casino offers over 600 Microgaming slots. This includes all popular titles such as Thunderstruck, Break da Bank, Immortal Romance, and Ariana. When you launch the ‘’Vegas’’ part of Spin Casino you will find more slot games. This includes the full line of NetEnt slots. These amazing slot games are very popular with desktop and mobile players. A few of the most played NetEnt slots are Starburst, Jack Hammer, Gonzo’s Quest and Steam Tower. When you open the lobby you will be able to view the full line of available video slots.

Table games

Spin Palace offers besides slots various other quality online casino games. You will for example be able to hit it big on one of the many Microgaming progressive jackpot slots. All of these jackpots can get huge and some of them even exceed 10 million euros from time to time. Some of the most popular jackpot slots at Spin Palace are;
  • Mega Moolah;
  • Cash Splash;
  • King Cashalot;
  • Major Millions;
  • Tunzamunni;
In addition to these titles, Microgaming offers loads of other jackpot games such as Fruit Fiesta, Jackpot Deuces, LotsaLoot, Poker Ride, and Treasure Nile. You will be able to enjoy these jackpot slots on any type of device. Although this is the case I think most players prefer to play these on desktop. The main reason for this is that the older design of most of these games doesn’t really show well on mobile screens.
One other game type where Microgaming is famous for are table games. In the lobby you will find a very extensive list of table games. These games usually offer interesting payouts and high RTP’s. Because of this, they are popular with most high rollers in online casinos. Some of the most popular games in Spin Palace Casino are;
  • Blackjack;
  • Baccarat;
  • Roulette;
  • 3 Card Poker;
  • Craps;
  • Hold’em High;
  • Red Dog;
And there is plenty more. Only Blackjack is already available in Atlantic City, Classic, Spanish, European, and Vegas Strip style. On top of this the game portfolio offers many variety games such as Card Climber, Flip Card, High Speed Poker, Multi Wheel Roulette and Cyberstud. You can enjoy most of these games using a limit varied from €2,- up to €1.000,- per hand. This makes them perfectly suitable for players with both a small and big gambling budget.

Video Poker

You will find video poker games at most online casinos and Spin Palace is no exception. This is a good thing since many online players love to play these types of games. All in all Spin Palace offers a portfolio of around 30 different video poker games. This includes different variants of video poker such as ‘’gold series’’ and ‘’multi-hand’’. Below you will find an overview of some of the available games. Enter the lobby to have a look at the full range.
  • Aces & Eights Poker
  • Aces and Faces
  • All Aces Poker
  • Deuces Wild Poker
  • Deuces Wild Bonus Poker
  • Double Double Bonus Poker
  • Jacks or Better Poker
  • All American
  • Bonus Poker
  • Deuces & Joker Poker
  • Joker Poker
  • Louisiana Double Poker
  • Tens or Better Poker

Live Casino

While collecting your deposit bonuses at Spin Casino you will also be able to play a thrilling collection of live casino games. Spin Live is home to the full range of live dealer games by Evolution Gaming. This includes the traditional table games, but also the newer exciting game shows. The more traditional games include Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, and Live Baccarat. On top of this, you can play the Lightning version of some games which enhance the maximum win up to x500 per number. The selection of game shows offers more fun orientated games including Live Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live. I recommend launching Spin Live to view the full range of available games.

Sports and e-sports betting (in-play)

To provide you in all your gambling needs Spin also offers Spin Sports, Spin In-Play and Spin e-Sports. Using Spin Sports you can place bets on upcoming sports events. Since the sportsbook offers the most dynamic markets you will be able to enjoy great odds at any time. The sportsbook offers a wide range of sports to bet on. This includes Football, Tennis, Basketball, American Football, Hockey and more. Because of this you will be able to bet on all huge sporting leagues. Some of the most popular sports events are the NFL Championships, the Australian Open, the Premier League, FA CUP and UFC. When you open your free account at the sportsbook today you will be able to enjoy a free bet up to €200,-.
Using Spin In-Play you can bet on sports events that happen right now (live). This section of Spin is getting more and more attention lately. The main reason for this is that they offer a wide range of markets to bet on. In addition to this odds are above the market standards and the amount of sports events is increasing every month. As a new customer, you can also enjoy a free bet up to €200,- at Spin In-Play. Terms apply.

Significant bonus terms;

  • Only available during your first deposit;
  • New customers 18+ only;
  • The maximum value of your free bet is €200,-;
  • Minimum deposit of €10,- is required.
  • Wagering requirement is x5 at minimum odds of 1.3;
One last piece of the Spin platform I would like to mention is Spin e-Sports. Although e-Sports is still an upcoming phenomenon in online betting it is already available at Spin. You can now bet on various international gaming events. Some of the most popular games to bet on are Counter-Strike, Overwatch, League of Legends, Starcraft, Dota 2 and Rainbow Six. Spin e-Sports always offers the best available odds and many secure payment options. This makes it a great choice for everyone who like to try a bet on their favourite gaming events. All e-Sports bettors are now also eligible to claim a €200,- free bet during their first deposit.
>> Grab Your Free Chances and Bonuses <<

Mobile gambling

People who enjoy some mobile action from time to time won’t be disappointment at Spin Casino. Using your smartphone or tablet you can easily get access to the mobile casino. This includes Android, iOs and other types of devices. In the mobile casino, you will find the regular selection of games and all the other functionalities. This includes slots, table games, live casino games, and betting. You can also make easy and secure deposits and withdrawals in the mobile casino. This ensures you will always be able to enjoy some spins while on the go or during your lunch break.

Loyalty Club; Enjoy many rewards at Spin Casino

From the moment you start playing at Spin Casino you will be able to collect points for the available loyalty program. Using the loyalty program you can enjoy many benefits and exclusive rewards. Every time you wager money on any of the available games you will be collecting points. These points are exchangeable for bonus credits. You can use these bonus credits to play games in the casino for free. In addition to these bonus credits you will also be able to enjoy;
  1. Tailored bonus offers just for you;
  2. Faster ways of earning new loyalty points;
  3. A dedicated account manager;
  4. Quicker support and fasted payments;
Depending on how often you play at Spin Palace you will be able to reach various loyalty levels. New players will be in the bronze loyalty tier. After this tier you can upgrade to the silver, gold and platinum tier. On top of these regular loyalty levels there are two more very exclusive loyalty levels. Players who reach the Diamond or Privé levels will enjoy countless benefits. When you sign up your account now and deposit you will be awarded with a Loyalty boost of 2.500 points. Claim them now to reach the bronze level.


A unique thing about Spin Palace is that the casino is available in countless languages. This makes the casino customer-friendly and understandable for players from across the globe. The main language of the website is English. But by using the menu you can switch to other languages. Spin Palace for example offers its website in France, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkish, Latvian, Japanese, Thai, Greek, Arabic, Korean and Lithuanian. In addition to this most international languages are available for specific countries. Spin Palace for example offers Canadian English, New Zealand English and Irish. In my opinion, it is very user friendly that the casino has translated their website into so many different languages.


Spin Casino offers you various safe payment options to upload funds to your account. All payments are very secure since Spin Casino utilizes the latest encryption technology to make sure all details are safe. Open the cashier to view all available payment solutions for your geo. Depending on the country where you are living you will find a wide range of local and international payment methods. This includes VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Interac, Skrill, Trustly, iDebit and Neteller. Most of these payment options are available from as low as €10,- per transaction. In addition to euros Spin Casino also accept other currencies. This includes Canadian Dollars, US Dollars, and Great British Pounds.
When you are ready to cash out money you can request a payout. Simply visit the cashier and enter the number of funds you want to withdrawal. Once done your withdrawal will be approved within 24 hours in most cases. Only when extra verification is required this can take longer. When your withdrawal is accepted it will be paid instantly or within a few days. This all depends on the withdrawal method you have selected. Transfer to e-Wallets such as Skrill and Neteller are instant. Payment to credit or debit cards can take between 1 and 3 business days. If you have any questions regarding your withdrawal you can contact the 24/7 support desk.
>> Grab Your Free Chances and Bonuses <<


At Spin Casino they are very proud of their well-trained and knowledgeable support agents. If you have a problem or question you should definitely contact them. The support department is available all day long. Even during holidays! Simply pick one of the support methods and enjoy top quality support 24/7/365. For me, the easiest way to get support is the live chat. Through the live chat, you can type your question and send it. Once done, a support agent will respond within a few minutes. In most cases, this should be an easy way to solve most questions. If you have a more complicated question you can also send an email. The support inbox of Spin Casino is [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). In general, you will receive a response within 24 hours after sending an email.
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SpinAway Casino - free spins, no deposit bonus, promotion

SpinAway Casino - free spins, no deposit bonus, promotion

SpinAway Casino Gratis Spins and Free Bonuses
Join SpinAway Casino and receive 100 free spins and €1000 in welcome bonus. Plus, benefit from daily free rounds, cashback, no deposit bonuses and promotional codes for free bets. Check it out!
>> Get Your Free Spins Bonus Now <<


While I have no doubt that players will have access to a full suite of bonuses in the near future, currently they have to make do with an extensive welcome offer.

Welcome Bonus

New starters can grab a 100% Bonus up to $500 with 100 Free Spins on Starburst thrown in on top. But that’s not all, SpinAway Casino has chosen to also reward you on your second and third deposits like this:
  • Second deposit gets you another 100% Bonus up to $500
  • Third deposit gets you a further 100% Bonus up to $500
Once you make your first qualifying deposit, you’ll receive 10 Free Spins straight into your account every day for 10 days.There are a couple of other things you should keep in mind. Firstly you should know that a minimum deposit of $20 is required to claim any deposit bonus. Also, wagering requirements of 30x apply to both the Bonus Cash and the Free Spins before a real cash withdrawal can be made.When wagering with a Bonus or Free Spins, the highest single bet is capped at $5.00. You need to use up your bonus within 30 days. Keep in mind that deposits made from Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard and ecoPayz are excluded from the welcome offer.

Other bonuses at SpinAway Casino

Probably a clear mark of Spin Away’s ‘fresh’ status, the welcome offer is where things stop. However, judging by the rest of the sire,

How to claim bonuses at SpinAway Casino?

In order to claim the Welcome Bonuses you must select the bonus in the cashier when making an eligible deposit. For any other bonus, follow the insstructions set by Spin Away.
>> Get Your Free Spins Bonus Now <<


With a name like SpinAway, it’s a no-brainer that there should be a vast library of Slot games to choose from. And there certainly are plenty of Slots on offer. Luckily, there’s also plenty of everything else too.You’ll find entertainment from the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, Play’n GO, Evolution Gaming, Big Time Gaming, Thunderkick, Relax Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and many more.

What Slots can I play at SpinAway Casino?

There are almost 800 different Slot games on site, so you’re certainly to find just what floats your boat. Play top titles like Book of Dead, Starburst, Sweet Bonanza, Thunderstruck II, Wolf Gold, Fire Joker, Gonzo’s Quest, Mustang Gold, Jammin’ Jars, and many more.

What Progressive Jackpots are available at SpinAway Casino?

While you’ll be able to occupy yourself with a few Jackpot games, there are only a small handful of these on offer at Spin Away Casino. On the plus side, this should make your decision-making process fairly simple. Choose to play Progressive games like Divine Fortune, Mega Joker, Beast of Wealth and about five others.

What Table Games can I play at SpinAway Casino?

The Table Game range is just about as well rounded as the Progressive Jackpot range. With just about 10 games to choose from, players will have to content themselves with Blackjack, European Roulette, Jacks or Better, French Roulette and a couple others.

Can I play Live Dealer Games at SpinAway Casino?

The live dealer section of Spin Away Casino is probably the best part of the site. That’s largely because the site has chosen to partner up with the brilliant Evolution Gaming. You can play all sorts of traditional Table Games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Three Card Poker, and Roulette. However, you’ll also have access to Evolution’s trademark novel games like Lightning Roulette, Crazy Time, Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live, and Dragon Tiger.
>> Get Your Free Spins Bonus Now <<


There’s a certain degree of confusion here. While the terms under the welcome offer stipulate wagering requirements of 30 x, the general terms and conditions claim that they’re just 25 x. I’m inclined to base my reasoning on the 30x wagering requirements, that way players are prepared for the worst.Not all games contribute 100% towards wagering requirements. Different types of games contribute different percentages towards wagering requirements:
  • Slots: 100%
  • All Jackpots: 0%
  • All Live Roulette and Live Blackjack: 10%
  • All other Live Casino Games: 10%
  • All table games: 5%

Are the wagering requirements high?

No. I would say that the wagering requirements at Spin Away fall right into the bracket of what’s considered reasonable. You’ll need to put in some work to meet the 30 x threshold, but it’s very manageable.
>> Get Your Free Spins Bonus Now <<


Spin Away Casino accepts multiple currencies including EUR, CAD, INR, NZD, USD, NOK, KRW, YEN, THB, and ZAR. This is good news for players who can get started without any worries about hidden fees.

What banking options are available at SpinAway Casino?

The options for making a deposit at Spin Away are Visa, MasterCard, Interac, MuchBetter, ecoPayz, or Bilibit (for Crypto).When it comes to withdrawals the options become more limited. Players can choose from Bilibit (for Crypto), Bank Transfer or Interac e-Transfer.

How to make a deposit?

Please note that the minimum amount of deposit is $20. The maximum amount of deposit depends on the payment method you decide to use, but it’s either C$5,000 or C$10,000.

How to make a withdrawal?

The minimal amount for withdrawal is $20 or $30 if you want to use Crypto. The maximum amount for withdrawal depends on the payment method you decide to use. If the requested amount of withdrawal exceeds the limit of a particular payment system, the amount will be withdrawn in installments. While withdrawals are processed as soon as possible, some payment methods can take up to five banking days to process the withdrawal request.The maximum withdrawal amount in a single transaction is $5,000. This will be something of a disappointment for big-budget players, particularly when they find out that the restrictions spread to a $16,000 weekly limit and a $50,000 monthly limit.


There isn’t a loyalty program or VIP scheme in place at Spin Away Casino right now. But keep checking in, as one might very well pop up down the line after the site becomes a little bit more established.
>> Get Your Free Spins Bonus Now <<


The FAQ section, available after login, is packed with helpful information. But if you need answers to a question that the FAQs don’t cover, Spin Away Casino also supports you with 24-hour customer support.You can choose to leave the team an on-site message, which works exactly the same as Email. Alternatively, you can opt for Live Chat, where you can instant message a support agent and have a chat about any issues.

What’s the best way for Players to get in touch with SpinAway Casino?

Both options are a great way to fix a problem. But if your query can be explained in just a few words, then you’re probably best off reaching out through Live Chat.
>> Get Your Free Spins Bonus Now <<


My main concerns with this online casino are the withdrawal limits it places on players, which will only be a problem for high rolling players. If these points don’t put you off then you’re likely to enjoy everything SpinAway has to offer, from the generous welcome offer, to the exciting selection of games. If you’re still on the fence then wait a couple months until SpinAway has spun itself more of a reputation.
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BetPat Casino 150 No Deposit Free Spins + €300 Gratis Bonus

BetPat Casino 150 No Deposit Free Spins + €300 Gratis Bonus

BetPat Casino Free Spins and Exclusive Promotions
You have got free spins! Click on the link below and collect your free games at BetPat Casino Online! PLay for free, win real money and enjoy super-fast cashouts! Also, there's a 100% up to 300 EUUSD welcome bonus for new depositors. Good luck!
>> Collect Free Spins Bonus Now <<


BetPat is a casino which is new on the scene but aims to offer fantastic games, prizes, and bonuses to their players. The casino’s theme is centred around the Irish culture with a clover in the logo and a leprechaun mascot named Pat. Launched in 2020, this casino is already making waves with its easy navigation, fantastic welcome offer and promotions for existing players as well as a casino lobby filled with a great variety of games by some of the best leading software providers.

Betpat Casino Bonus

Betpat welcomes its players with an enticing offer consisting of a 100% match bonus up to €/C$500 and 150 free spins to be used on Book of Dead. To be eligible for the bonus, go to the ‘Promos’ page and select the bonus card and click on subscribe. Make a deposit of at least €/C$20 and start playing! The deposit and bonus amounts have to be wagered 35times within 7 days. The max bet for wagering is set at €/$5 or $C10 for Canadian players.
The free spins will be credited as a batch of 50 FS per day. Day 2 and Day 3 FS are activated 24 and 48hrs after a deposit respectively. The free spins are valid for 24 hours, any unused FS will be voided. Any winnings from the free spins have to be wagered 30 times within 24 hours. Certain games do not contribute to the wagering requirements, these are listed in the general bonus terms. We highly recommend that you read the terms and conditions carefully prior to opting in for any bonus, offer or promotion.
>> Collect Free Spins Bonus Now <<

Available Games

Betpat’s casino lobby is filled with games provided by over 30 software providers including industry leaders Netent, Microgaming and Evolution Gaming. It is relatively easy to find your favourite games, you can either use the search bar or if you’re a fan of a particular provider you can filter as such as well. The casino lobby is categorised as follows for easy navigation: Popular, New, Slots, Live Casino, Table Games, Jackpots, Other.


A good mixture of classic, video slots and fruit machines including popular titles Book of Dead, Fruit Deluxe and Gonzo’s Quest is available at Betpat. For those wishing for a bigger drop, 13 jackpot titles are offered.

Table Games

Those players who prefer skilled games rather than slots have plenty of table games to choose from. Different versions of classics such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps and Poker are offered at Betpat. Players can also choose low stake games if they have a smaller budget.

Betpat Live Casino

It shows that BetPat teamed up with the best game providers as a good number of live dealer games are offered in the Live Casino section. Several variants of Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat and Live Roulette, as well as show games such as Monopoly, Mega Ball and Money Wheel, are available.

Betpat Sports

Betpat offers an entire sports betting section which provides players with the opportunity to bet on popular sports such as soccer, rugby, boxing, golf, tennis, basketball, darts and many more. Players can place bets on matches from major leagues including UEFA Champions League, Premier League and Rugby League State of Origin. Special events such as the US presential election - next president, US presidential election - winning party, UK General Election- next prime minister and BBC Sports Personality 2020 winner are also offered.
Esports fans can place bets on several matches according to the daily match list which can be found in the top green bar in the middle of the screen.
>> Collect Free Spins Bonus Now <<

Betpat Mobile Casino

Just like the majority of other top casinos, players can access Betpat from any device including Andriod and iOS. There is no need to download any casino app in order to play your favourite game! Make sure to have a good internet connection so that you can experience the highest quality.

Betpat Payment Methods

Betpat accepts deposits and withdrawals made using the following payment methods Skrill, Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Yandex Money, Qiwi Wallet and Interac. It is important to check whether the payment method you wish to use is accepted in the country that you’re in.
All deposits need to be wagered at least 1 time before a withdrawal request is accepted. Betpat does not charge any fees for any payment method however we recommend that you check the T&C’s of the payment provider for any fees on their end.

Betpat Withdrawal Speed

Players can withdraw up to a maximum of €1000 a day, €5000 a week and €20,000 a month. The minimum withdrawal is €/$20 and C$30 for Canadian Players. Betpat aims to process the withdrawal requests within 72 hours. This timeline might go up to 7 days if the requested amount is over €1000.
To make sure that the withdrawal request does not take longer than it should, make sure to provide all documents as requested by the support team in the KYC email that you will receive. Without completion of KYC and approval of your account, the withdrawal will not be processed.
>> Collect Free Spins Bonus Now <<

Betpat Customer Support

Betpat casino recognises the importance of providing support to its players 24 hours 7 days a week. Players can contact the customer support team via a number of options:
  • LiveChat - there is a green button towards the right bottom corner of the screen
  • Contact Form - click on ‘Contact Us’ and you will be directed to the contact form
  • Email - [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
  • Phone - there are several phone numbers depending on where players are located
    • Edinburrgh: +44 (0)131 378 8530
    • London: +44 (0)203 0110 731
    • Montreal: +1 514 819 0742
    • Curacao: +5 999 788 9920

Betpat Trustworthiness

Betpat goes through various lengths to provide the highest security to its players. All personal information is stored in a high-security data warehouse to ensure that maximum confidentiality is maintained. In order to diminish the chances of unauthorised access to your account, during the registration process, you will be asked to create a password and choose a security question and provide an answer.
For the players’ safety, responsible gambling measures such as limits and self-exclusion are explained clearly in the responsible game page. Players can also contact the customer support team for further assistance.

Betpat Licence

Betpat is owned by SG International N.V, company number 137028, who possess a Curacao gaming license under No. 8048/JAZZ2015-035. This means that any services provided by Betpat are authorised and regulated by the Government of Curacao.SG Internation N.V is registered at Heelsumstraat 51 Willemstad Curacao CW.
>> Collect Free Spins Bonus Now <<
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[USA] [H] Nearly 400 games! SNES, Sega, NES, N64, GBA, GC Xbox, XB1,, 360 PS1, PS2, PS3, DS, 3DS and consoles for nearly each one! [W] Paypal

I also have 2 xbox 360s, Gamecube, xbox, ps2, ps3, sega, n64, DS, DS lite, GBA and SP consoles. Feel free to ask for pictures of anything and I am happy to bundle games. Prices do not include shipping, but would be about $5.
**1** id product-name console-name Price
**2** 58004 Gameboy Cleaning Kit GameBoy 3
**3** 2979 Pokemon Blue GameBoy 25
**4** 2979 Pokemon Blue GameBoy 25
**5** 2988 Pokemon Yellow GameBoy 22
**6** 21156 The Rugrats Movie GameBoy 6
**7** 56630 Shrek: Hassle at the Castle GameBoy Advance
**8** 1994 Backyard Basketball GameBoy Advance 5
**9** 1995 Backyard Football GameBoy Advance 5
**10** 11587 Backyard Football 2006 GameBoy Advance 4
**11** 1996 Backyard Hockey GameBoy Advance 6
**12** 2120 Donkey Kong Country GameBoy Advance 14
**13** 2140 Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors GameBoy Advance 11
**14** 2141 Dragon Ball Z Taiketsu GameBoy Advance 6
**15** 2188 Fire Pro Wrestling 2 GameBoy Advance 25
**16** 2214 Golden Nugget Casino GameBoy Advance 3
**17** 2324 Madden 2002 GameBoy Advance 4
**18** 2334 Mario Golf Advance Tour GameBoy Advance 20
**19** 2335 Mario Kart Super Circuit GameBoy Advance 13
**20** 14391 Monster Trucks Quad Fury Double Pack GameBoy Advance 4
**21** 2467 Power Rangers SPD GameBoy Advance 6
**22** 2492 Road Rash Jailbreak GameBoy Advance 8
**23** 2532 Shrek Hassle in the Castle GameBoy Advance 5
**24** 2545 Soccer Mania GameBoy Advance 4
**25** 2560 SpongeBob SquarePants Revenge of the Flying Dutchman GameBoy Advance 6
**26** 2601 Super Mario Advance 2 GameBoy Advance 6
**27** 2604 Super Monkey Ball Jr. GameBoy Advance 6
**28** 2618 Teen Titans GameBoy Advance 10
**29** 2625 Texas Hold Em Poker GameBoy Advance 3
**30** 2659 Tony Hawk 4 GameBoy Advance 6
**31** 2702 WWE Road To WrestleMania X8 GameBoy Advance 8
**32** 10245 WWF Road to Wrestlemania GameBoy Advance 8
**33** 2709 Yoshi Topsy Turvy GameBoy Advance 17
**34** 2965 NBA Showtime GameBoy Color 5
**35** 2981 Pokemon Gold GameBoy Color 22
**36** 2981 Pokemon Gold GameBoy Color 22
**37** 3029 Scooby Doo Classic Creep Capers GameBoy Color 7
**38** 3032 Sesame Street Sports GameBoy Color 6
**39** 13499 Turok Rage Wars GameBoy Color 8
**40** 13499 Turok Rage Wars GameBoy Color 8
**41** 3132 WWF Betrayal GameBoy Color 11
**42** 3169 Backyard Baseball Gamecube 13
**43** 3170 Backyard Football Gamecube 5
**44** 3298 Freestyle Street Soccer Gamecube 5
**45** 3306 Gamecube to Gameboy Advanced Link Cable Gamecube 17
**46** 3322 Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Gamecube 9
**47** 3323 Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup Gamecube 7
**48** 3359 Lord of the Rings Return of the King Gamecube 10
**49** 3364 Luigi's Mansion Gamecube 50
**50** 3380 Mario Party 7 Gamecube 50
**51** 3452 NHL 06 Gamecube 4
**52** 3455 NHL Hitz 2003 Gamecube 15
**53** 3463 Outlaw Golf Gamecube 5
**54** 3584 Super Mario Sunshine Gamecube 63
**55** 3585 Super Monkey Ball Gamecube 31
**56** 10893 Super Monkey Ball Adventure Gamecube 18
**57** 3587 Super Smash Bros. Melee Gamecube 50
**58** 3589 Swingerz Golf Gamecube 5
**59** 3653 WWE Crush Hour Gamecube 8
**60** 3656 WWE Wrestlemania X8 Gamecube 9
**61** 68741 Mic Controller JP Gamecube 10
**62** 68740 Voice Recognition Unit JP Nintendo 64 10
**63** 12185 Arch Rivals NES 8
**64** 9170 Jeopardy 25th Anniversary NES 5
**65** 12362 Pro Wrestling NES 7
**66** 12517 Wheel of Fortune NES 6
**67** 10221 WWF Wrestlemania NES 8
**68** 10218 WWF Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge NES 9
**69** 72842 Zapper Light Gun [Gray] NES 12
**70** 32384 Mario Kart 7 Nintendo 3DS 13
**71** 32241 Pokemon Rumble Blast Nintendo 3DS 10
**72** 36279 Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Nintendo 3DS 20
**73** 34323 Pokemon Y Nintendo 3DS 23
**74** 32578 Super Mario 3D Land Nintendo 3DS 11
**75** 14431 FOX Sports College Hoops '99 Nintendo 64 6
**76** 14432 Mike Piazza's Strike Zone Nintendo 64 7
**77** 14434 NBA In the Zone '98 Nintendo 64 3
**78** 3848 NBA Jam 2000 Nintendo 64 18
**79** 3869 Pokemon Snap Nintendo 64 24
**80** 3870 Pokemon Stadium Nintendo 64 21
**81** 3924 Super Mario 64 Nintendo 64 40
**82** 3924 Super Mario 64 Nintendo 64 40
**83** 3925 Super Smash Bros. Nintendo 64 38
**84** 3955 WCW Backstage Assault Nintendo 64 10
**85** 3956 WCW Mayhem Nintendo 64 7
**86** 3958 WCW vs NWO Revenge Nintendo 64 10
**87** 3963 Wipeout Nintendo 64 7
**88** 3970 WWF No Mercy Nintendo 64 33
**89** 3971 WWF Warzone Nintendo 64 5
**90** 3968 WWF Wrestlemania 2000 Nintendo 64 15
**91** 40087 Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside Nintendo 64 10
**92** 40094 Madden Football 64 Nintendo 64 10
**93** 3979 Action Replay DS Nintendo DS 34
**94** 21317 Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers Nintendo DS 5
**95** 19766 Bakugan Battle Brawlers Nintendo DS 4
**96** 3991 Big Brain Academy Nintendo DS 3
**97** 4007 Cars Nintendo DS 5
**98** 21754 Chaotic: Shadow Warriors Nintendo DS 4
**99** 21360 Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge Nintendo DS 4
**100** 32634 DaGeDar Nintendo DS 3
**101** 4021 Deal or No Deal Nintendo DS 3
**102** 14147 Fab 5 Soccer Nintendo DS 5
**103** 31286 Johnny Test Nintendo DS 9
**104** 19750 Mario and Sonic Olympic Winter Games Nintendo DS 6
**105** 4079 Mario Hoops 3 on 3 Nintendo DS 10
**106** 10488 Mario Party DS Nintendo DS 12
**107** 4081 Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2 March of Minis Nintendo DS 10
**108** 4090 Metroid Prime Hunters Nintendo DS 8
**109** 11627 Micro Machines V4 Nintendo DS 6
**110** 30679 Monster Jam: Path of Destruction Nintendo DS 6
**111** 4100 New Super Mario Bros Nintendo DS 12
**112** 4125 Pokemon Ranger Nintendo DS 15
**113** 21072 Pokemon SoulSilver Version Nintendo DS 87
**114** 9576 Power Play Pool Nintendo DS 4
**115** 15863 Rubik's World Nintendo DS 3
**116** 21013 Sonic Classic Collection Nintendo DS 12
**117** 30726 Sonic Colors Nintendo DS 11
**118** 15967 Tecmo Bowl Kickoff Nintendo DS 9
**119** 4188 Yoshi's Island DS Nintendo DS 13
**120** 4194 102 Dalmatians Puppies to the Rescue Playstation 12
**121** 14364 ATV Quad Power Racing Playstation 3
**122** 4339 Crash Bash Playstation 15
**123** 4340 CTR Crash Team Racing Playstation 17
**124** 12714 Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 Playstation 5
**125** 4400 Dukes of Hazzard Racing for Home Playstation 5
**126** 4426 FIFA 2003 Playstation 5
**127** 12744 Knockout Kings 2000 Playstation 4
**128** 19221 MLB 2003 Playstation 4
**129** 4713 Rocket Power Team Rocket Rescue Playstation 4
**130** 4811 Tekken 3 Playstation 17
**131** 4870 Treasure Planet Playstation 6
**132** 4922 WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role Playstation 10
**133** 41024 ESPN NBA 2K5 Playstation 2 3
**134** 41561 NBA Live 2004 Playstation 2 3
**135** 42062 Tiger Woods 2006 Playstation 2 2
**136** 4971 All-Star Baseball 2005 Playstation 2 4
**137** 4973 American Chopper 2 Full Throttle Playstation 2 4
**138** 18528 Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Make the Grade Playstation 2 3
**139** 8525 Arena Football Playstation 2 4
**140** 13895 Backyard Baseball 09 Playstation 2 4
**141** 10764 Backyard Baseball 2007 Playstation 2 4
**142** 4999 Backyard Basketball Playstation 2 5
**143** 10766 Backyard Football Playstation 2 5
**144** 15787 Backyard Football 09 Playstation 2 4
**145** 5000 Backyard Wrestling Playstation 2 9
**146** 10301 Ben 10 Protector of Earth Playstation 2 5
**147** 10779 Burnout Dominator Playstation 2 6
**148** 5048 Cabela's Outdoor Adventures Playstation 2 4
**149** 5051 Call of Duty Finest Hour Playstation 2 5
**150** 5074 College Hoops 2K7 Playstation 2 5
**151** 5085 Crash Bandicoot The Wrath of Cortex Playstation 2 12
**152** 7302 Crash Twinsanity Playstation 2 10
**153** 5140 Dragon Ball Z Budokai Playstation 2 5
**154** 14343 Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 Playstation 2 8
**155** 5142 Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 Playstation 2 17
**156** 15911 Dragon Ball Z Infinite World Playstation 2 30
**157** 11582 Duel Masters Playstation 2 5
**158** 5178 ESPN NFL 2K5 Playstation 2 10
**159** 5202 Fantastic 4 Playstation 2 4
**160** 11078 FIFA 08 Playstation 2 5
**161** 5211 FIFA 2004 Playstation 2 4
**162** 5281 Gran Turismo 4 Playstation 2 6
**163** 14286 Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball Maxed Playstation 2 4
**164** 5326 High Heat Baseball 2004 Playstation 2 4
**165** 5327 High Rollers Casino Playstation 2 3
**166** 5334 Hot Shots Tennis Playstation 2 4
**167** 5399 Legends of Wrestling Playstation 2 5
**168** 5415 Lord of the Rings Third Age Playstation 2 8
**169** 5416 Lord of the Rings Two Towers Playstation 2 5
**170** 5427 Madden 2006 Playstation 2 3
**171** 5428 Madden 2007 Playstation 2 3
**172** 19479 Madden NFL 10 Playstation 2 6
**173** 5181 Major League Baseball 2K5 Playstation 2 3
**174** 16354 Major League Baseball 2K9 Playstation 2 3
**175** 5464 Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Playstation 2 17
**176** 10941 MLB 06 The Show Playstation 2 4
**177** 13948 MLB 08 The Show Playstation 2 3
**178** 5532 NASCAR Chase for the Cup 2005 Playstation 2 6
**179** 5536 NASCAR Thunder 2003 Playstation 2 4
**180** 19698 NBA 2K10 Playstation 2 6
**181** 5553 NBA Live 2005 Playstation 2 4
**182** 5554 NBA Live 2006 Playstation 2 4
**183** 5555 NBA Live 2007 Playstation 2 3
**184** 5556 NBA Shootout 2003 Playstation 2 4
**185** 5559 NBA Street Playstation 2 10
**186** 49918 NBA Street [Greatest Hits] Playstation 2 7
**187** 5561 NBA Street Vol 3 Playstation 2 16
**188** 16416 NCAA Basketball 09 Playstation 2 11
**189** 5568 NCAA Football 2006 Playstation 2 9
**190** 5572 NCAA March Madness 2004 Playstation 2 4
**191** 5577 Need for Speed Most Wanted Playstation 2 10
**192** 5579 Need for Speed Underground Playstation 2 9
**193** 5580 Need for Speed Underground 2 Playstation 2 11
**194** 5589 NFL Gameday 2003 Playstation 2 4
**195** 5607 NHL Hitz Pro Playstation 2 8
**196** 5507 Pimp My Ride Playstation 2 5
**197** 5655 ProStroke Golf Playstation 2 3
**198** 5698 Road Trip Playstation 2 12
**199** 5786 SOCOM US Navy Seals Playstation 2 4
**200** 49964 SOCOM US Navy Seals [Greatest Hits] Playstation 2 3
**201** 5815 Spy Hunter Nowhere to Run Playstation 2 5
**202** 5822 Stacked With Daniel Negreanu Playstation 2 3
**203** 11595 Test Drive Unlimited Playstation 2 7
**204** 5919 Tiger Woods 2004 Playstation 2 4
**205** 5921 Tiger Woods 2006 Playstation 2 3
**206** 14917 TNA Impact Playstation 2 5
**207** 10785 Ultimate Board Game Collection Playstation 2 3
**208** 7501 World Championship Paintball Playstation 2 5
**209** 10191 World Series Of Poker 2008 Playstation 2 3
**210** 6020 WWE Smackdown Shut Your Mouth Playstation 2 13
**211** 6021 WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 Playstation 2 13
**212** 10520 WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 Playstation 2 8
**213** 15944 WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 Playstation 2 8
**214** 19778 WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 Playstation 2 8
**215** 6024 WWF Smackdown Just Bring It Playstation 2 8
**216** 6040 Yu-Gi-Oh Capsule Monster Coliseum Playstation 2 12
**217** 21256 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Playstation 3 4
**218** 19504 Batman: Arkham Asylum Playstation 3 5
**219** 31551 Batman: Arkham Asylum [Game of the Year] Playstation 3 5
**220** 31859 Batman: Arkham City Playstation 3 5
**221** 32724 Battlefield 3 Limited Edition Playstation 3 3
**222** 13976 Battlefield: Bad Company Playstation 3 4
**223** 10805 Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII Playstation 3 5
**224** 10806 Call of Duty 3 Playstation 3 9
**225** 33994 Dead Space 2 [Limited Edition] Playstation 3 9
**226** 52050 Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Game of the Year [Greatest Hits] Playstation 3 8
**227** 15887 End War Playstation 3 5
**228** 34035 Fast and the Furious: Showdown Playstation 3 10
**229** 22051 FIFA Soccer 11 Playstation 3 4
**230** 33118 FIFA Soccer 13 Playstation 3 5
**231** 32612 FIFA Street Playstation 3 7
**232** 52056 Fight Night Round 4 [Greatest Hits] Playstation 3 10
**233** 67505 God of War Collection [Greatest Hits] Playstation 3 9
**234** 32438 Gran Turismo 5 [XL Edition] Playstation 3 7
**235** 32485 Grand Slam Tennis 2 Playstation 3 7
**236** 19227 Infamous Playstation 3 5
**237** 31431 L.A. Noire Playstation 3 5
**238** 16212 Lord of the Rings Conquest Playstation 3 9
**239** 21863 Madden NFL 11 Playstation 3 4
**240** 31670 Madden NFL 12 Playstation 3 4
**241** 34236 Madden NFL 25 Playstation 3 5
**242** 20996 MLB 10 The Show Playstation 3 4
**243** 32594 MLB 12: The Show Playstation 3 4
**244** 22101 NBA 2K11 Playstation 3 6
**245** 34102 NCAA Football 14 Playstation 3 105
**246** 33250 Need for Speed Most Wanted Limited Edition Playstation 3 9
**247** 14811 NHL 09 Playstation 3 4
**248** 6821 Rainbow Six Vegas Playstation 3 5
**249** 19568 The Beatles: Rock Band Playstation 3 6
**250** 19736 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Playstation 3 4
**251** 32205 Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Playstation 3 5
**252** 52112 Uncharted Drake's Fortune [Greatest Hits] Playstation 3 3
**253** 32349 WWE '12 Playstation 3 7
**254** 33270 WWE '13 Playstation 3 9
**255** 34497 WWE 2K14 Playstation 3 13
**256** 30341 WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 Playstation 3 12
**257** 8522 Arch Rivals Sega Genesis 7
**258** 21035 Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf Sega Genesis 5
**259** 8573 Batman Returns Sega Genesis 10
**260** 8665 Bulls vs Lakers and the NBA Playoffs Sega Genesis 3
**261** 15611 College Football USA 96 Sega Genesis 3
**262** 8956 FIFA International Soccer Sega Genesis 5
**263** 9266 Madden 97 Sega Genesis 5
**264** 9269 Madden NFL '94 Sega Genesis 6
**265** 9435 NBA Live 96 Sega Genesis 5
**266** 9471 NHL 95 Sega Genesis 6
**267** 9480 NHLPA Hockey '93 Sega Genesis 6
**268** 9638 RBI Baseball 94 Sega Genesis 7
**269** 9790 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Sega Genesis 5
**270** 18510 Sports Talk Baseball Sega Genesis 6
**271** 35968 Sports Talk Football '93 Starring Joe Montana Sega Genesis 4
**272** 9927 Taz-Mania Sega Genesis 8
**273** 10215 WWF Raw Sega Genesis 10
**274** 6951 Illusion of Gaia Super Nintendo 22
**275** 14874 Madden 97 Super Nintendo 3
**276** 7388 Monopoly Super Nintendo 6
**277** 13745 Mortal Kombat 3 Super Nintendo 14
**278** 13823 NBA Live 95 Super Nintendo 5
**279** 14335 NBA Live 96 Super Nintendo 5
**280** 7453 Street Fighter II Super Nintendo 12
**281** 7140 Super Mario RPG Super Nintendo 55
**282** 7141 Super Mario World Super Nintendo 17
**283** 7169 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters Super Nintendo 22
**284** 7506 WWF Royal Rumble Super Nintendo 10
**285** 7247 WWF Wrestlemania Arcade Game Super Nintendo 10
**286** 7254 Zelda Link to the Past Super Nintendo 24
**287** 19786 Backyard Football '10 Wii 7
**288** 15963 Big League Sports Wii 6
**289** 14262 Deca Sports Wii 10
**290** 30775 Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii 19
**291** 32379 Fortune Street Wii 14
**292** 14803 Kidz Sports Basketball Wii 6
**293** 32285 Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Wii 13
**294** 30981 Mario Sports Mix Wii 21
**295** 14625 Mario Super Sluggers Wii 14
**296** 9362 MLB Power Pros Wii 5
**297** 14384 MLB Power Pros 2008 Wii 8
**298** 18737 New Play Control: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Wii 16
**299** 20014 New Super Mario Bros. Wii Wii 23
**300** 31720 Nicktoons MLB Wii 5
**301** 6799 Pokemon Battle Revolution Wii 18
**302** 32542 PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond Wii 22
**303** 30652 PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure Wii 20
**304** 13255 Wii Play Wii 7
**305** 14613 Wii Sports Wii 22
**306** 19409 Wii Sports Resort Wii 25
**307** 59057 NBA Inside Drive 2004 Xbox 3
**308** 6117 Cabela's Deer Hunt 2004 Xbox 3
**309** 11200 Digimon World 4 Xbox 8
**310** 6196 Dragon Ball Z Sagas Xbox 6
**311** 6239 FIFA Street Xbox 6
**312** 6246 Finding Nemo Xbox 4
**313** 6344 Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Xbox 3
**314** 6219 Major League Baseball 2K5 Xbox 4
**315** 6385 Midnight Club 2 Xbox 4
**316** 6400 Monster Garage Xbox 3
**317** 6437 NBA Inside Drive 2003 Xbox 3
**318** 11742 NBA Inside Drive 2004 Xbox 5
**319** 6445 NBA Street Vol 2 Xbox 8
**320** 6451 NCAA Football 2005 Xbox 3
**321** 6453 NCAA Football 2007 Xbox 5
**322** 16338 Outlaw Golf: 9 More Holes of X-Mas Xbox 4
**323** 6501 Outlaw Volleyball Xbox 4
**324** 6521 Project Gotham Racing Xbox 4
**325** 11125 Showdown Legends of Wrestling Xbox 7
**326** 6578 The Simpsons Road Rage Xbox 7
**327** 6693 Top Spin Xbox 4
**328** 6732 WWE Wrestlemania 21 Xbox 6
**329** 6747 Yu-Gi-Oh Dawn of Destiny Xbox 6
**330** 6752 All Pro Football 2K8 Xbox 360 19
**331** 15716 FIFA Soccer 09 Xbox 360 3
**332** 10628 Forza Motorsport 2 Xbox 360 5
**333** 33285 Halo 4 Xbox 360 5
**334** 31826 Hulk Hogan's Main Event Xbox 360 5
**335** 31808 Just Dance 3 Xbox 360 6
**336** 31052 Kinect Adventures Xbox 360 3
**337** 6759 Madden 2008 Xbox 360 4
**338** 14185 Madden 2009 Xbox 360 3
**339** 33005 Madden NFL 13 Xbox 360 3
**340** 10868 Mass Effect Xbox 360 5
**341** 20373 Mass Effect 2 Xbox 360 5
**342** 13220 NBA Ballers Chosen One Xbox 360 6
**343** 14793 NBA Live 09 Xbox 360 4
**344** 10537 Need for Speed Prostreet Xbox 360 8
**345** 14844 NFL Head Coach 2009 Xbox 360 22
**346** 65200 Project Gotham Racing 3 [Platinum Hits] Xbox 360 7
**347** 10667 Sonic the Hedgehog Xbox 360 15
**348** 32675 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Xbox 360 10
**349** 19209 UFC 2009 Undisputed Xbox 360 4
**350** 16451 WWE Legends of WrestleMania Xbox 360 11
**351** 64291 NBA 2K18 Xbox One 4
**352** 64929 NBA 2K16 Xbox One 3
**353** 39926 FIFA 18 Xbox One 5
**354** 38628 Madden NFL 18 Xbox One 5
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